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Troubleshooting Hyperswitch

time to fix this once and for all

update 20190625: Sometimes the login console prevents hyperswitch to work properly, see below. Intro For many years I’ve been using an excellent little gem called Hyperswitch. From time to time I have had problems with it, suddenly it just stopped working and I have never found out what the reason really was. I have Googled for it and tried all sorts of things but nothing has worked and suddenly it has started to work again.

How to Sign Git Commits

Installation To be able to sign our git commits on Macos we have to install gnupg and pinentry-mac. When installing gnupg a pinentry is provided but we want to use a pinentry that is specific för MacOS so we can use the Key-chain to store our Passphrase. First install gnupg, later on we will install pinentry-mac too. $ brew install gnupg Generate a key First we have to generate a key that we will use.

Upgrade to Bash 5 in MacOS

I am a long time user of Zsh but I also use Bash now and then but mostly when running bash scripts. The other day when upgrading SdkMan it complained that I was using an old version of bash. I have to admit that I have used the default bash installation in MacOS. What I didn’t know was that Apple will not update Bash, because the latest version is licensed under GPLv3, which Apple cannot use.

JVM in a Container

How different Java versions behave in a container

How different Java versions behave in a container

Upgrade CrashPlan on Synology

My Crashplan installation stopped working a while ago now it’s time fix it. Update: A few days after I did this there was a new release available from pcloadletter at so I just installed it and it works perfectly. I recommend to use the packaged version instead of modifying as I did. On my laptop, Mac OS X, I have version 4.

Move a git repository to another location.

You might think that when moving a git repository from one location to another, all you have to do is to clone and then push to the new location. That is not true. You have to make sure that all remote branches and tags are included. Note that the following instructions will also push all your local branches to. The following steps will move a repository called my_repo from Google Code to Github.

Mavericks and slow Finder

Last weekend I upgraded my MBP to Mavericks. I have been waiting with the upgrade because I didn’t want to have problem with my computer so I figured I’ll wait for some bugfixes before upgrading. So last weekend I decided to take the jump and upgrade. The first thing I discovered was that HyperSwitch was not working as it should and I still have not found a solution to the problem.

Regex and negative lookbehind

In my current project our application is built with Spring and we are using a couple of Spring profiles. Unfortunately we didn’t make them unique so if we deploy it with another application in the same application server we might get a name clash. We decided that we better try to use names that are specific for our application. So I started renaming all of our spring profiles by just adding the prefix apigw.

Black screen when starting Ubuntu

Today I started up my Ubuntu laptop and the login screen was all black. I could see the cursor arrow but everything else was black. The laptop is dual boot with Windows and Ubuntu and I quite recently changed from Linux Mint to Ubuntu. A quick lookup with Uncle Google pointed me to this page, My computer boots to a black screen, what options do I have to fix it? If your system is dual boot.

“Eclipse” is damaged and can’t be opened

Yesterday I downloaded the latest Eclipse named Kepler to my Mac. I unzipped the package as usual and tried to launch it by clicking on the Eclipse file. I received the following error message: After a quick search on the internet I found the solution in a bug report at Eclipse Bugs . It is the OS X GateKeeper that thinks that the file is corrupt and should be moved to trash.