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My personal braindump

More disk capacity

Bought 2 new 1.5TB hard drives in the US and they are now installed in my NAS. How easy it was to upgrade, replace disk #1and repair and then replace disk #2 and repair, DONE. I just love my Sonology 🙂

I bought a new router today

Ok, I had problems with my old router so I decided to buy a new one. Didn’t I have warranty left on my old router? I couldn’t remember when I bought it so I had to search for my invoice. I know I bought it in an on-line store but didn’t remember which one and when. I found the invoice in my mailbox and it was InWarehouse and I bought it the 10th of June 2008.

Having big trouble with my broadband router

Please wait...<br /> The gateway is currently measuring your network connection.<br /> Accessing this web page might have an effect on the measurement.<br /> This page will refresh shortly.<br /> The last couple of days my broadband connection has gone up and down. I have a D-Link DIR-655 that has worked perfectly until a couple of days ago. It seems to reboot itself now and then and it makes the whole family go crazy.

I’ve got a Rdio invite

I finally got an invite to the new streaming service Rdio. I was invited by Refe Tuma Creative Deconstruction (:-)). Ok, time to evaluate and compare it with Spotify. Update, I have no invites left. /Peter

Google Wave is finally available in Google Apps

Google Wave is finally available in Google Apps. Google has promised to release other services such as Reader, Picasa etc. in Google Apps.

Grattis Hannah på födelsedagen.

Idag fyller min syster Hannah år. Tråkigt nog befiiner vi oss inte i Yorba Linda så vi kan inte vara med och gratulera på sängen, det får bli ett telefonsamtal istället. Hannah, hoppas din dag blir alldeles underbar och att du får många fina presenter. Vi ringer sen när du har vaknat. Kramar och pussar från oss här i Alingsås.

The blog software is now updated

I have updated this blog to the latest and greatest version (2.8.4a). We where running WordPress on version 2.7.1 and there was some security issues with that version so it feels good that the upgrade is done. If you encounter any problems just send an e-mail. /Peter

Updated my phone to Android 1.6

Today I updated my ADP1 to Android 1.6. I flashed the device using an updated recovery image (read more). The process is simple, this is how I did it. First we need to download the radio image and the recovery image from HTC. After the files are downloaded it’s time start the update. This is a two step process, first we will install the radio image and then the recovery image.

Kvällspromenad i det fina vädret

Tog en kvällspromenad till Mjörn i det fina vädret. En snabb fika på stranden och sen hem igen, vill ju inte missa Lotta på Liseberg. 🙂 Midsommarhelgen flöt på som den skulle, regn, regn och regn. Men nu har vi ju fint väder så det är bara att njuta så länge det varar.

Solen skiner för mig idag.

I morse sjöng alla för mig, Erica, Alexandra, Josephine, Quinn, Mamma, Pappa. Erica smög upp tidigt i morse och var ute och grejade i köket. Efter en stund kom hon in och sjöng för fullt ackompanjerad av resten av ligan som befinner sig i LA. Kan det bli bättre? Solen skiner ute fastän det är Potatisfestival så det måste vara för min skull som den skiner. Har precis ätit frukost och skall strax gå ut med Bosco.